What to do if you have and Insurance Claim?

  1. Report claim. Report property damage or theft online or contact your insurance broker
  2. Document damage. Don’t throw any damaged property away without your adjuster’s approval. Take pictures if you can’t store the damaged property. Your adjuster will ask you to make a list describing each item.
  3. Clean up. You can clean up the property yourself or hire a professional restoration company. Keep track of any work you did and how long it took; your adjuster will pay you for your time.
  4. Repair costs. Your adjuster will gather a detailed description of damage to your building, including all the materials needed to fix it. They will then use this information to build an estimate for the repair. Once your estimate is complete, you can settle your claim by taking a cash payout or hiring a contractor to do the work.In some cases, you may be required to choose your own contractors for additional quotes. Your adjuster will let you know if this needs to happen.
  5. Tender repairs. If your damages are significant, the repairs may need to be priced through a tendering process. This would involve getting bids from several contractors; the quotes will be used to set your repair budget. Your adjuster will help you with this process and tell you about the tender results and your approved repair settlement
  6. Choose contractor. We know your relationship with your contractor is very important so you have the option to choose your own contractor. Whether the repair costs are determined by an estimate, quote or tender process, your adjuster will advise you of the repair budget your contractor has to work with.
  7. Assess contents. A specialist will assess the value of your belongings. The items listed will be assessed to determine the replacement cost of an exact or similar item. If your policy has replacement cost coverage, you can replace your items and claim the difference based on the assessed replacement cost value. You can also accept a partial payment based on the actual cash value.